Hey everyone, today I’m gonna show you guys my particular tips and tricks to having good hair even in the winter. These are the particular things that help me to stay sane when it comes to my hair during the winter.

Let’s get started. Tip number one, a great way to remove static is to either spray your hairbrush with a static removing spray or just put a dryer sheet through the bristles so that it’s on the back and then brush your hair with that. I think I’ve achieved static. I’m gonna use a normal hairbrush and brush through it. You can see that the hair’s still going back up, so imagine if there was static in the air, these hairs would be going right back up.

Let’s go back in and recharge the hair as much as I can. Static. And then dryer sheet hairbrush. No hairs. That’s magic, guys. So if you live in a particularly staticky area, dryer sheet it up. Tip number two, moisturize your hair. You’ve probably already noticed your skin is dry, maybe your lips are a little chapped, you’re probably already doing things to help those things to heal themselves. Do the same thing for your hair. Add extra moisture back into your hair. Just like you put lotion on your body, you gotta give moisture to your hair.

So I recommend using a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner during the winter. You could use something like the Mega Moist shampoo and conditioner. These add hydration to your hair and softness, which will help to combat some of that winter blues. And then if you want even more moisture in your routine, you can add in a deep conditioner. And one that I’ve been mentioning  is the Aussie Three-Minute Miracle.

You can find this anywhere, even on Amazon and it’s very good. It helps to get that extra bit of hydration, that extra bit of repair that your hair can really use in the winter. So hope we’re all on the same page here, you use lotion on your body, you add moisture to your body, do the same thing for your hair. It is so important, especially in the winter. Tip number three, and this is one of my favorites, you can soothe an itchy scalp with a moisturizing scalp massage. And you can even do it in the shower and it doesn’t have to take more than like a minute or two. So here’s how you do it. Get your hair wet in the shower and then you take a moisturizing agent of choice, whether it’s conditioner or an oil, like olive or coconut. Get it on your fingers and then start massaging it into your scalp. And you can do it as much as you want, you’re gonna go over all of your scalp. You can do just a quick little 30 second once over or spend a couple minutes on it. I love scalp massages, so I’ll spend a couple minutes on it and it is so soothing. I get really dry scalp in the winter and I actually just did this in my last shower and it was so satisfying.

Once you finish the massage, you want to go ahead, rinse the conditioner out and then do a light shampoo just to get any buildup out of there. If you leave the buildup on your scalp, it can clog the pores and be a little bit uncomfortable. So I recommend a light shampoo with a moisturizing shampoo just go ahead and get everything back out of there, condition as usual, and you should have a much more satisfied and soothed scalp. Tip number four, and hear me out on this one, get a satin or a silk pillow case.

I cannot tell you how much difference this makes. So I read hair tips and tricks articles all the time. I couldn’t tell you how many times I read on per day. And so many of them talk about pillow cases and I’m like okay, what kind of like leftover from the 1950s stuff is this? But then one day, I was like okay fine, I’m gonna buy one, I’m gonna try this out, we’ll just see. And it kinda changed my life. Because it helps your hair not to have so much friction on it while you’re sleeping, especially if you move a lot during your sleep.

And it’s a really great thing to use during the winter because when you’re wearing scarves and hats, you hair experiences a lot of friction, and obviously friction can also add to static electricity. So giving your hair a break from that can help to minimize the static and also just help your hair to be healthier, happier, and less prone to breakage. It sounds silly, it sounds crazy, but honestly, I don’t sleep without this anymore. Tip number five, when in doubt, updo it out. That is my motto for a bad hair day no matter what, but especially during the winter.

If you’re dealing with a really staticky area, if you’re dealing with you’re hair’s getting snowed on and it’s having wind blowing at it, and you’re wearing scarves, and you’re wearing hats, and you just need to get it out of the way, put it in a cute updo. That way it can stay in place all day long, you minimize the stress that’s put on your hair, and it looks cute the whole time too. These tips will help you in how to grow your hair faster.