Today I will share with you a remedy for a miracle hair oil  with which your hair will be very long and healthy in just 2 weeks.You will know how to grow your hair faster. First take two aloe Vera leaves and cut them in the form of cubes. Aloe Vera will be available at any plant shop or you will find its leaves at any store as well. You should try to keep aloe Vera plant at home as its solution for every issue of your skin.

Acne and blemishes everything goes away with it. It also makes your skin fair and prevents aging and how to grow your hair faster. This oil is very effective remedy for your hair  and by using this your hair will grow up to 5 to 6 inches, but you have to use it regularly. After that we need onion. We will grate it to extract its juice. Onion prevents hair loss and improves blood circulation because of which our hair becomes healthy. Don’t worry about the smell of onion . Just when you are washing hair just add a small amount of lemon juice in it.

This will remove onion smell completely. Now we will start preparing the oil . First of all take a pan and add coconut oil in it. Then we will add aloe vera leaves in it . Heat it for 5 to 7 minutes  until it changes the colour. When the colour changes remove it and stain it. Coconut oil brings a shine into our hair. Its also very useful to prevent split ends. Stain the oil then add onion juice into it. Mix it well. You have to apply this oil two to three times in a week. If you use it for four to five times its a good thing. You have to massage your head and apply it from roots till the end of your hair. Massage it and then leave it in your hair from 40 minutes to two hours. Shampoo your hair with Luke warm water. Just by using this oil for only two weeks  will give you results. It will make your hair long, thick and healthy.